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Dec 3, 2016
3:30 AM PST

321 Penguins
4:00 AM PST
4:30 AM PST
Dr. Wonder's Workshop
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From Healing Channel viewer in Jordan: “I want to tell you that the Healing Channel has made a big difference in our lives…. We feel like our faith increases as long as we see and hear what you offer.We give God the glory for the channel…. For many of the Moslems who are watching, and for those away from Christianity, what is seen and heard on the Healing Channel gives a living picture of Christianity….We are so proud of this channel.”—MS

From Nigeria: “One day I felt sick. I was in a situation that I can’t talk, eat, walk…. I managed to watch TBN, so as I was watching something serious happened. I saw a pastor called Benny Hinn preaching, performing signs and wonders, saying some prayers. So I joined him in prayer and I focused my mind, spirit and soul. I did this for a long time before I fell asleep and after some time I woke up just to find myself healed. Since that day my life changed. I am now born again…. I can prove to my friends that TBN is real and can change anybody’s life, like how they changed mine.” —MC

From Malaysia: “We in Malaysia value TBN [website] TV, as regular Christian broadcast is not allowed in this country.” —MG

From Iran: “My family and I get interested to your attractive programs.We are living in Iran.We are Muslim and we are very tired from unfavorite and imposed religious rules. How do we can change our religion? Please guide us.”—M

From the USA: “Thank you for the TBN programming as I was saved, born again, by watching your broadcasts. I don’t live in the Middle East or China or India but right in the San Francisco Bay area. I had purchased a home in the local mountains here and it came with an old analog satellite dish and receiver. The subscription had expired, but TBN still came thru…so that is all the TV I watched. It took over a year and a half but the message finally got through my hardened heart…. Praise God. It has been just over 2 years now since I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and God has blessed me in so many ways.” —PR