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Dec 10, 2016
12:30 AM PST

H2O: A Journey of Faith
1:00 AM PST
Christine Caine
1:30 AM PST
Erick Stakelbeck
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Praise the Lord! Another whole nation may be born again! A whole new set of miracles has made it possible for an entire nation to see and hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

SRI LANKA (previously Ceylon) just off the coast of India is receiving 500 dishes and receivers to receive TBN! Hallelujah! The business plan and details are long and numerous, but be rejoicing with all of us at TBN over the fact that with 500 dishes, at approximately $100 each, we will be able to reach virtually every household with dear old TBN 24/7! Praise the Lord! Over 100 of the units are already on the air at this writing in late December, so as you read this newsletter rejoice with me that another whole nation is able to receive the GOOD NEWS!

Even better news is the fact that formerly we had only TBN and JCTV, but NOW we will be able to add THE CHURCH CHANNEL and SMILE OF A CHILD! Jan shouts, “HALLELUJAH!” Yes, four great channels covering all of north Asia including China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and the islands of the sea! Praise the Lord!

Dear, dear Partners — the doors to the whole world are opening so fast we can hardly catch our breath! Years ago, I had to go and beg and plead our case to get just TBN on the air. Now, they are coming to us asking for not just TBN, but also all the other channels! Someone asked me recently, “Where does this all end?” I said, “ONLY WHEN THE TRUMP OF GOD shall sound and we all rise to meet Him in the air!” Yes, yes, this is indeed Harvest time! Just how long we have to labor only the Lord knows, but until we hear that great trumpet blast, we will continue go through every door that God opens to us! Surely coming of the Lord is near. With all the other signs that Jesus gave us, we KNOW HE IS AT THE DOOR!

With all the other doors God is opening, I would not even have time or paper to prove to you: one more satellite channel out of Kenya for East Africa and five more in Tanzania! Of course, the whole continent of Africa is covered with satellite, but we will not rest until all the households, including even the mud huts, are able to receive the GOOD NEWS!

Jan and I want you to know how much we love and appreciate your partnership in this great soul winning TBN network that, now, literally covers the whole wide world! Without YOU we could never have achieved this mega-voice that is reaching multitudes! Someday in heaven precious souls we never knew on this earth will come to you and me saying — “THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD!”

God bless you and, again, thank you for being our Partner in bringing in this great Harvest of precious souls!

Pastor Ananda Mendis (left) looks on as pastor Sooriya Arachci Mudalige Rasika (center) receives the very first satellite receiving dish provided by TBN in Sri Lanka from TBN’s representative, evangelist Priyantha Senapatiratne

Joel Osteen’s program is coming through loud and clear to the whole nation of Sri Lanka!

Hundreds of TBN’s satellite receiving dishes—provided by YOU, our precious partners—are being installed in homes and villages throughout Sri Lanka.

Last year Matt and Laurie met with His Excellency Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda. TBN has been broadcasting in Uganda since 1997 through our affiliate, Lighthouse Television Uganda.

Representatives from TBN and its affiliated networks: Smile of a Child, JCTV, and The Church Channel attended last year's Asian cable convention in Manila.