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Feb 13, 2016
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TBN is accountable to the Lord and to YOU, our Partners, for the way in which the funds you entrust to us are spent. This pie-chart graph is based on our most recent audited financial report and gives a summary of how TBN’s budget was spent in 2006. (**Due to the intensive procedures of a full financial audit, the pie-chart graph reflects TBN’s most recent financial audit completed in 2006. TBN is currently undergoing its 2007 audit.)

Channel 13, TBN’s first international TV station, began broadcasting in 1984 on the Caribbean island nation of Nevis. Paul Jr. recently visited the Nevis station and met with manager, Andre Gilbert.

(Paul Jr. pictured in front of the transmitter for Radio Paradise). Radio Paradise, TBN’s AM radio station covers the entire Caribbean and even reaches parts of North Africa!

While in Nevis, Paul Jr. had the joy of meeting with several local pastors. (Pictured left to right): Apostle Cyprian Williams, Pastor Arthur Freeman, Pastor Eversley Pemberton, Bishop Joseph Henville, Pastor Phillip Webbe, and Pastor James Douglas. (Seated): Andre Gilbert and Paul Jr.

Paul Jr. met with the staff at Radio Paradise. He is pictured with one of the station’s announcers, Cynthia Buncombe.