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Oct 31, 2014
11:30 AM PDT

AHA - Awakening, Honesty, Action
12:00 PM PDT
700 Club
1:00 PM PDT
Pastor John Hagee
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TBN Goes to Washington D.C. <<   >|

Jan, along with Matt, Laurie, Cody and Caylan had the joy of going to Washington, D.C. to attend the presidential inauguration services and celebrations for President Barack Obama.

Jan, Matt and Laurie attended many exciting inaugural celebrations, including the African American Church Inaugural Ball where they met the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Wintley Phipps. Dr. Phipps performed an unforgettable rendition of “Amazing Grace” at the National Prayer Service.

Among the dignitaries Jan had the honor of meeting was the Rev. Dr. Joseph Lowery (seated), who gave the benediction prayer at the end of the inaugural ceremony and the Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley, senior pastor of Providence Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA.

Jan and her group pictured in front of the beautiful National Cathedral which was the site of the National Prayer Service held the day after the inauguration.