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Dec 7, 2016
7:30 PM PST

Robert Morris
8:00 PM PST
John Gray
8:30 PM PST
Drive Thru History: The Gospels
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Aug Volume XXXVI, Number VIII - Articles:
The Holy Land Is Here   >>


  Praise the Lord — and just to make sure we of the 21st century are not left out, the Word concludes with this: “Generations yet unborn shall hear of all the miracles he [Jehovah] did for us”! Psa. 22:31 TLB

      Yes, dear partners, God in His great mercy has entrusted a part of HIS HOLY LAND to us, here in Orlando, Florida USA! I know most of you have seen and know about The Holy Land Experience in our newsletters and through many TV specials and spots, as well as on Praise and our Behind the Scenes reports from Jan, Paul Jr. and myself. Yes, we bring you news more glorious than we could have ever dreamed of just two years ago when your TBN fi rst purchased this fl edgling and struggling theme park. It had fallen on hard times and the owners were considering closing the park and tearing it down to build apartments or whatever!

Enter your TBN!

      Now that I have refl ected on this monumental move (for us) I can see the wise strategy of God in entrusting this Holy Land to your TBN! First of all, with Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, plus a host of other attractions coming in droves to Orlando, Florida, where better to have a powerful witness for our Lord Jesus Christ than here, where an estimated 80 million visitors a year come from every nation on earth! And, as God would have it, the park has the best location in all of Orlando, right across from Universal Studios with freeways and major four lane roads on all four sides of the property! The world simply cannot miss us — we are right where Jesus would be if He were here bodily and of course He is here spiritually!

     Dear partners, listen up — my Jan has taken the Holy Land Experience under her wing and has taken a pitifully rundown, nearly gone theme park and caused it to be BORN AGAIN!

     Twice a day the passion of Jesus is reenacted. Every time I have seen it tears fl ow as, at the whipping post, those stripes are laid for our healing. The cross is so real many fi nd themselves on their knees without seeming to realize it. Sobs are heard as Jesus utters those last words, “IT IS FINISHED.” One little boy with face beaming said, “The best part was when Jesus was alive again!” Many write that they found their faith through the awesome passion scene!

     Many different dramas from the Bible are presented in the Shofar Auditorium. The four well known women of the New Testament come alive as Mary, mother of Jesus; Mary, sister of Lazarus; and Mary Magdalene join with the unnamed woman who washed Jesus’ feet and anointed Him with costly perfume. Many noted ministers have remarked that Jesus did more to elevate the status of women than any other historical fi gure. How blessed are you dear women, especially those from cultures where you had little or no rights.

     I have just come from the American patriotic drama which brought the audience to their feet fi ve times as we praised God for this blessed Christian land! I truly must confess that I am prouder than ever to be an American! The honor paid to our men and women of the Armed Forces was heartwarming and also brought many tears.

     I could write on and on about the new kid’s Smile of a Child Adventure park with Jonah and the whale, Samson bringing down the house and Noah with an ark full of animals, plus much more! The new Church of All Nations with the rock of Christ’s agony is a must, plus new prayer gardens in several places. The Crystal Living Waters presentation is best seen at dark, but with water spouts 100 feet high and Sandi Patty singing the “Hallelujah Chorus,” your knees get a little weak!

The Garden of Eden, the Wilderness Tabernacle, the Judean Village, plus the Old City of Jerusalem market make you want to stay; but it is six o’clock, so it’s back tomorrow because you’ve missed the Scriptorium with hundreds of rare manuscripts of the Bible and an animatronics William Tyndale telling how he made the fi rst English Bible!

Dear, dear partners: I have been to the real Jerusalem 50 times, but I can truly say TBN’s Holy Land Experience is the next best thing.

Praise the Lord — I know we get all excited with all the new things God is pouring upon us: 36 new full power digital TV stations, 100 more dishes for India, many more satellite dishes for our USA prisons, not to mention just keeping over 18,000 affiliated stations, cables, dishes, the Internet, and more ON THE AIR! So, Jan and I love you more and more with each passing year — 36 now!

The Holy Land Experience makes Scripture come alive as you relive the majesty of Jesus’ life, death and glorious resurrection!



     Ladies rejoice! This choker style necklace is unique in several ways. First of all, it is easy to put on and remove with a simple click of the catch. Next, the crystal jewel is engraved with the ancient mark of the first century Christians. This mark was only recently found during archeological excavations in Jerusalem. It destroyed the critics’ contention that there was not a robust Christian church in Jerusalem! The Star of David connected to the fish was the symbol of Jews who had accepted Jesus as their prophesied Messiah. In fact, the first church was 100% Jewish—only when the apostle Paul arrived did we Gentiles receive the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.


    Your love gift this month of August only will bring you this unique Christian insignia—it will be an instant conversation starter and a witness of Jesus’ love. It also comes with Jan’s and my love for your support.

Call TBN’s Prayer and/or Pledge Line: 1-888-731-1000 (toll free in U.S. and Canada) International: +1-714-731-1000 To make or renew your Praise-a-Thon® pledge, or for more information about TBN, please go to www.tbn.org

A limited quantity of love gifts is ordered each month. If we run out of the gift, a substitute will be sent in its place. The love gifts offered are not for sale. Please do not ask for more than one love gift. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE. Keep the lines open for Salvation, Prayer and Pledge Calls ONLY. God bless you!



 A Personal Word from Paul Crouch…

     When Dad passed away, he left no will. He did not intend to place that kind of burden on Mother and us fi ve children. We were looking for the coming of the Lord. We were preaching the Gospel. Surely, we would all be alive till the trumpet of the Lord would sound! But, Dad was called home. He did not leave anything that we would call an estate today: a car, personal things, a few acres of land in South Dakota; but, oh, the extra heartache for my dear mother. I wanted to help out, but I was only seven. Just a little planning means so very much to your loved ones.

A Message from TBN’s Stewardship Department

Everyone needs a will or living trust! Without proper planning, a secular judge could very well make the vital decisions on how your estate is distributed at your passing. TBN’s Stewardship Department can provide you with information on living trusts, wills and gift annuities. In most areas, we can also refer you to a Christian attorney to assist you with your estate planning needs.

TBN’s Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity*

program is excellent if you are age 70 or older and want to receive a monthly fi xed income for the rest of your life with a one-time minimum donation of $10,000 to TBN. For more information about TBN’s Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity program, or more about estate planning, please mail the attached no obligation coupon or call Ron Alsop in TBN’s Stewardship Department at: 714-708-5472 (Monday-Friday PDT).

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A replica of the Great Temple in ancientJerusalem serves as a backdrop forspectacular dramatic and musicalpresentations.