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Feb 12, 2016
6:30 PM PST

Perry Stone
7:00 PM PST
Praise the Lord
8:30 PM PST
Foundations of Freedom
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Does it pay as we give to expand the glorious Kingdom of God through TBN? I believe I hear a resounding "AMEN" from you, our faithful partners! I have multitudes of testimonies from precious partners confirming that God truly does return 30, 60 and many 100-fold blessings to we who give! But, what about those who refuse to give, even when given the opportunity and invitation from Jesus Himself to give and then follow Him? Well, for the "rich young ruler" the loss was tragic! We know that he lost the 100-fold blessing or increase by refusing to obey Jesus’ command to give his all and then follow Jesus as His disciple. Whether he forfeited his "eternal life," we do not know. All the Bible tells us is: "He went away sad, for he had great wealth."

Dear, dear partners, let’s do it Jesus’ way and be assured of His blessings and financial reward by giving to keep this message of life going around the world! Take that step of faith and fill out your enclosed Praise-a-Thon® pledge form. Remember Jesus’ own words, "GIVE AND YOU WILL GET" (Luke 6:38 TLB) — God dares you to put HIM to the test (Malachi 3:10). It could just be the KEY to that unanswered prayer! Turn it and see God do the impossible for you!

We love you and as always will join you in giving our very best!