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Feb 9, 2016
9:30 AM PST

Robert Morris
10:00 AM PST
Jimmy Evans
10:30 AM PST
Live From HolyLand
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From Saudi Arabia:
“I first came across JCTV in 2004. It changed my way of thinking. It has helped me get closer to God. Thank you so much…. Keep doing what you guys do.”

From Australia:
“Just letting you know Top 3 and JCTV have fans in Australia! You guys at JCTV have given me so much strength in God…Thank you for all that you do and your encouragement.

From Nigeria:
“I’m from Nigeria and as a Christian teen in this beautiful but Godless society, it is not easy to live as a child of God. But thank God for JCTV. By watching JCTV, I’ve learned to always stand for Jesus no matter what.”

2009 was a banner year for the JCTV network. New programs like “Off the Record” hosted by Brandon Crouch, and favorites like “Top 3” (pictured left to right: Top 3 host Larissa Lam, guest Rebecca St. James and host Reba Toney), reached young people around the world with the message of the Gospel!