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Apr 23, 2014
4:00 PM PDT

Billy Graham
5:00 PM PDT
Behind the Scenes
5:30 PM PDT
Dr. David Jeremiah
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Nov Volume XXXVII, Number XI - Articles:
Pledge to Support Your TBN <<   >>

Pictured: Michael W. Smith (on keyboard), Les Cheveldayoff, Jan, Donnie McClurkin

PLEDGE TO SUPPORT PRAISE THE LORD! TBN’s #1 soul winning program, Praise the Lord, brings you today’s best preachers, teachers, musicians, sports figures, Christian celebrities, testimony guests, and so much more. Your pledge will help keep this powerful, Holy Spirit anointed program touching lives worldwide!


PLEDGE TO SUPPORT SATELLITE! TBN is sending “the everlasting gospel” around the globe through a network of 78 satellite channels, feeding over 20,000 cable and television stations, plus countless direct-to-home satellite receivers. You can be an evangelist to the whole wide world — pledge to support TBN’s great satellite network!


PLEDGE FOR PROGRAMS! TBN’s #1 goal is to bring the lost into God’s Kingdom through life changing, soul winning programs! Your pledge is needed more than ever as we take the GOOD NEWS of Jesus to a world in need of a Savior!


PLEDGE FOR SOULS! From TBN’s 2nd Chance prison ministry, reaching thousands of prisoners across the U.S., to orphans in India (pictured), great metropolitan cities, to mud hut villages and everything in between— multitudes worldwide are hearing the message of Jesus’ love because of YOU, our faithful partners. Please pledge to keep your TBN strong, growing and reaching more souls with the Good News of Jesus’ love!


PLEDGE FOR MISSIONS! We are reaching people in their own languages via TBN’s foreign networks: TBN Nejat TV, the Farsi network reaching Iran; The Healing Channel, our Arabic network covering the Middle East; TBN-Russia, TBN-Italy, TBNEurope, TBN-South Pacific, TBN-Africa, and the Enlace Spanish language network reaching all of Latin America! Please pledge to support these great missions’ outreaches!


GOLDEN JEWELED CROWN (Jewelry not included)

The sweet old hymn says, "We shall wear a robe and crown"! Another hymn declares, "We shall cast our crowns at His feet"! Jan declares that the TBN partners' crowns in heaven will be very large because of the many souls we have won — with a smile she says that we will actually "walk funny"! Well, the hymn that may be the most important is: "Will there be any stars in my crown?"

Dear partners, you can be assured of MANY STARS as we work together to get this Gospel to the ends of the earth! This beautiful replica crown can be a daily reminder of that glorious reward that awaits God’s faithful witnesses. It is both beautiful, but also practical as it can hold many of your other precious items—rings, necklaces, etc.

Your loving pledge and gift indicated above will bring this beautiful “pearl of great price” crown to you with our 37 years of love!

Call TBN’s Pledge and/or Prayer Line: 1-888-731-1000 (toll free in U.S. and Canada). International: +1-714-731-1000

To make or renew your Praise-a-Thon® pledge, or for more information about TBN, please go to www.tbn.org, or write: TBN, P.O. Box A, Santa Ana, California 92711