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Mar 30, 2015
11:30 PM PDT

Power in the Name
12:00 AM PDT
Power in the Name
1:30 AM PDT
Donnie McClurkin & Friends: Celebrate Easter
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Love Letters from Around the World! <<   >>

From Norway: “I am one of your service fruit in Christ. I got saved through the service of TBN. I am a minister of Christ now.” – G.M.

From Children’s Home in India: “We received your TBN dish . . . it is very useful to our home children. In our home there are many children non-Christians. They eagerly watch the puppet show and other programmes. This is a Gift to our children to develop their spiritual life. We are very thankful to you and your ministries.” – S.A.

From Ghana: “I am Ghanaian and I was not born again. I used to go to fetish priest for Juju. When I listened to your preaching on a channel in Ghana I started knowing God. Now Jesus is my savior . . . . Thank you for changing my life.” – F.B.

From British Virgin Islands: “I am blessed with this TBN. I was an alcoholic and watching this channel has made me turn around and accept Christ as my savior.” – S.J.

From TBN Second Chance viewer: “I am a prisoner that watches TBN every day and I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and soul. It is because of TBN that I found Jesus Christ my savior and Lord.” – A.W.

From Russia: “My name is Sergei. I heard about your great TV. I like to watch T V and watch your channel. I want to tell you that you’re number one . . . .Some of my friends and acquaintances also began to watch your TV after I advised them. They are thrilled and thank me for what I advised them to watch your channel.” – S.M.

From iTBN viewer in Turkey: “Praise the Lord and thank you so much for your programs. It is such a blessing to see our Iranian and Arabic neighbors who come to our Lord and Savior . . . . Thank you ALL and dear Crouch family who made this digital sharing possible. My prayers go to all the technicians who made it all possible as an important part of the body. Thank you ALL and love from Turkey. The Lord works here too!” – E.U.

From the U.S.A: “Several months ago I was ready to end my life. Thanks to you and TBN I got saved and filled with the Holy Ghost . . . God gave me a chance to share with four people about my Jesus as Lord of my life . . . Thanks to you guys I have a new purpose in life. To understand what the Gospel is all about . . . Thank you from the bottom of my heart . . . I am alive and well.” – T.C.


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