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Feb 11, 2016
9:00 AM PST

Steven Furtick
9:30 AM PST
Robert Morris
10:00 AM PST
Jimmy Evans
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E-MAIL FROM BELIZE: May you all receive the blessings of the Lord! I am an eighteen year old girl from Belize. I get to see your station here, and I just want to express that it is so great that a Christian station could be reaching to so many people. I would just LOVE IT if there could be MORE involvement of the YOUNG PEOPLE in discussions…. I really think that the youths need guidance. Thank you.

E-MAIL FROM NIGERIA: I am from Nigeria, born to Muslim family. I visited your site and I pray the prayer of Salvation. Sir, I need the Holy Bible and some Christian literature. Thanks.

E-MAIL FROM AZERBAIJAN: Hello, recently I have got opportunity to watch your channel. Little by little I found out how good channel TBN is. In religion I am Moslem but, now, not only me, but also my family does not know English. I translate TBN for them, but currently we need more knowledge about the religion we intend to receive. We need books, tapes that reflect Christianity. Best regards.

E-MAIL FROM KENYA: I like watching TBN very much. For the few hours that I get to watch it, it has helped make a big difference in my life. Thank you so much. I stay in a hostel in Nairobi, where I go to college. Listening to the various preaching every morning before I go to college makes my day. Thanks so much and please pray for me and my family to know the Lord better. God bless you.

E-MAIL FROM JAMAICA: Keep doing the good works you are doing by spreading God’s Word. I watch your programs and thank God for it. It has helped me and others a lot. With such programs, this world will know the Truth and those who don’t know Christ will accept Him. I am 19, living in Jamaica.

E-MAIL FROM TURKEY: Hello TBN, I am living in Turkey. I am 30 years old and male. I am always watching TBN and thank you for your wonderful broadcast. I want to join your prayer services. My heart is with you every time.
"God…will bless us. And peoples from remotest lands will worship Him."