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Apr 24, 2014
12:00 AM PDT

Power in the Name
2:00 AM PDT
Prophecies of the Passion
3:00 AM PDT
Live From HolyLand
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Love Letters from Around the World <<   >>

From Smile of a Child viewer in Iraq: “I am a mother of 2 kids . . . . I love your channel. It teaches my kids morals [and] being responsible.”

From Trinidad: “TBN is doing an awesome job. I love watching because it helps me grow in my spirit and increase in knowledge and wisdom…. Muchas Gracias TBN….” –C.B.”

From the U.S.: “At the worst time in my life...I came across the TBN channels while praying and crying out to God. It changed my life…. The gratitude in my heart for all God and TBN channels and the family of preachers, teachers and prophets have done for me is too awesome for words!”

From Philippines: “I thank you so much for your ministry. I learned a lot from every pastor and preacher at TBN. I believe I grow little by little spiritually…. I’m always praying for TBN. Please include me and my family in your prayers too.” –L.R.

From Australia: “I watched the Praise the Lord program and I said the prayer in speaking in tongues and it happened. Wow!! It was amazing. Thank you for the prayer. Praise God.” –M.A.

From Nejat TV viewer: “I just wanted to thank you for the Farsi channel ‘Nejat.’ I just recently learned about this network…. I am an Iranian and used to be Muslim. I was saved many years ago. I am so happy to find this network.” –M.D.

From Japan: “Thank God for your ministry. I would like to help in the best that I can for preaching Jesus in all around the world…. Pray for us. We want to be partners for the Kingdom works.” –J.M.

From Nigeria: “I joined your Praise and worship session last night during which I was healed of typhoid and malaria…. This corporate worship has touched every area of my life because I can feel it in my spirit, in my body and in my home.”