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Sep 2, 2014
4:30 PM PDT

The Potter's Touch
5:00 PM PDT
Inside the Trinity Family of Networks
5:30 PM PDT
Joyce Meyer
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Dear TBN Partners: Yes, judgment is coming — but before judgment, the greatest worldwide revival and harvest of souls is here NOW!

The past few years have been challenging, and yet the best in the history of TBN! The enemy has “come in like a flood,” through vicious attacks at home and abroad. There have been days when, like Paul the apostle, “all hope was gone”! Yet, through it all, we have seen the Spirit of the Lord raise up a standard against the enemy! Never has your pledge been more crucial. Evil forces are watching us with a vengeance. They want to silence this great Voice forever! But God is with us and this will never happen — IF! Oh, yes, God’s promises are always conditional. He will keep us, defend us, and drive out our enemies — IF we do our part!

As always, pray and ask the Lord what your part should be —then quickly fill out the enclosed pledge slip and return it to Jan and me this month. Then get ready for another week of Revival Praise-A-Thon, November 3-10. Your basic pledge or renewal of your pledge by mail, or on TBN’s secure website will keep phone lines open for ministry. We love you!