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Apr 25, 2014
12:00 AM PDT

The Final Inquiry
2:00 AM PDT
Behold The Man: The Shroud Of Turin
3:00 AM PDT
Karen Wheaton Easter Special
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Our Love Gift to you for October <<   >>

Votive Electronic Candle!

Votive Electronic Candle

Ah, technology strikes again! I’m not even sure what “votive” means, but I do see an amazing ornament for your dinner table.

I’m sure you have noticed a real flame candle at your favorite café or restaurant. Well, guess what the tech whiz kids have come up with: a beautiful and safe table candle. Yes, it flickers just like a real flame, but can be touched with no pain! And, to my amazement, you can actually blow it out with one puff! To make it complete, we have reproduced scenes from the life of Christ taken from TBN’s great collection of Russian icons. They shield the small (replaceable) battery-operated flame and flicker right along to make this one of the most unique love gifts ever!

Your regular monthly gift or Praise-A-Thon pledge will bring your “You Light Up My Life” votive electronic candle to you along with Jan’s and my love forever!

A limited quantity of love gifts is ordered each month. If we run out of the gift, a substitute will be sent in its place. The love gifts offered are not for sale. Please do not ask for more than one love gift. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. NO PHONE ORDERS, PLEASE. Keep the lines open for Salvation, Prayer and Pledge Calls ONLY. God bless you!