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Aug 30, 2014
3:00 AM PDT

Dr. Wonder's Workshop
3:30 AM PDT
The Lad's T.V.
4:00 AM PDT
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“. . . For their good deeds follow them to heaven” (Rev. 14:13)

A Personal Word from Paul F. Crouch

Throughout TBN’s 40 year history, many of our long time partners have added TBN to their estate planning. As a result there is a steady stream of donations coming to the ministry. This additional income helps TBN to do even greater things for the Kingdom of God! You can be a part of reaching the whole wide world with the Gospel — even after you have gone home to glory — by making TBN a beneficiary in your will, life insurance policy, stock gift, mutual fund, IRA, or charitable remainder trust.

A Message from TBN’s Stewardship Department

Everyone needs a will or living trust! Without proper planning, a secular judge could make the vital decisions on how your estate is distributed at your passing. TBN’s Stewardship Department can provide you with information on wills and living trusts. In most places in the U.S. we can refer you to a Christian estate attorney to assist you with estate planning.

TBN’s Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity program is excellent for those who are 65 or older and want to receive a monthly fixed income for life with a one-time minimum donation of $10,000 to TBN. For information about TBN’s Lifetime Charitable Gift Annuity* program and estate planning, please mail the attached, no obligation coupon or call Toll Free 1-877-605-3226 (Monday – Friday 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM pst).

*Not available in AL, HI, MD, WI or outside U.S. Please do not send payment with this coupon.