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Mar 26, 2015
6:30 PM PDT

Brian Houston @ Hillsong TV
7:00 PM PDT
Praise the Lord
9:00 PM PDT
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Exciting New Projects <<   >>

Exciting Projects Underway

By Ben Miller | Vice President of Engineering

As we all continue to honor the memory of Dr. Crouch, I reflect on all the fond memories I have of working alongside this great man helping him carry out his vision of bringing 24­-hour a day Christian television to all the world. God has blessed me with the privilege of being his technical person to bring these things into reality. I continue to marvel at all the exciting things that he set into motion right up until he was called home.

Perhaps too numerous to list in one article, here are a few highlights of all the projects your TBN has underway: We are in the process of purchasing property for a brand new TV station studio building for WRBJ­-TV near Jackson, Mississippi. A new studio building is already under full construction in Moline, Illinois for WMWC-­TV serving the Quad Cities area. Architectural drawings are complete and new construction is about to begin on a new studio in Kansas City for KTAJ­-TV. Both WHSG-­TV in Atlanta and WHFT-­TV in Miami have received new high definition studio equipment. New high definition equipment is scheduled early next year for KPJR-­TV in Denver. TBN’s new multi­million dollar studio is nearing completion in London, England. TBN’s Madrid, Spain facility has also received a face-­lift with all new high definition equipment having been recently installed. Construction is to begin soon on new studios overlooking the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, Israel. A new channel is about to be added to the Hotbird satellite covering Europe and the Middle East with Christian television in the Estonian language. The Amos-­3 satellite covering Israel now has English and Russian language Christian television and will soon have Hebrew language included. JCTV Pakistan in the Urdu language has just been added to the ABS­-1 satellite covering much of Asia, Pakistan, and India. Fiber optics links are under construction to link TBN’s London and Israel studios with TBN headquarters in Southern California so that fresh and perhaps even live programming can be brought to you from these exciting places.

Ben and Paul at a TV tower site.

Even though he is not with us here on earth, Dr. Crouch’s God­-given wisdom and stewardship to this important ministry caused him to train up and leave a very competent team of experienced and dedicated people who are all called to help carry on his vision in the same way that he faithfully did for so many years. I count it an honor to continue to be used by God and be included in their ranks.