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Sep 2, 2014
7:00 AM PDT

Joseph Prince
7:30 AM PDT
Benny Hinn
8:00 AM PDT
Kenneth Copeland
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Love Letters from Our Partners around the world! <<   >>

Love Letters

From Ukraine: "I would like to express a great respect for your channel that opened my eyes. I was an atheist all my life, but now things have changed. Thank you again for all the good you have done for me." – Y.B.

From Dubai: "I just got born again, Praise God. I am so happy. Even here in the Arab world we can be able to have TBN on the air. I am so happy right now. I am filled with joy. TBN is just like a grace of God to me and my family. I want to thank TBN and its partners for the work well done in my life." – K.A.

From Nigeria: "I am grateful to God for TBN. I am also grateful to and blessed by TBN. Thank you for remaining on the air and blessing the lives of so many of us." – G.K.

From the U.S.: "TBN you have saved me from suicide! Thank you, Jesus. TBN, you are an invaluable LIFE LINE." – A.A.

From Russia: "Thank you for what you have and giving us your light!" – N.B.

From a prisoner: "I am so grateful and thankful for TBN! Since my incarceration I’ve been saved and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior! I watch TBN all the time . . . I thank all of you for teaching and helping me to learn more about our Lord."

From Uganda: "I just want to thank God for the great message of hope, edification, salvation . . . TBN is my favorite television network." – W.B.