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Feb 12, 2016
12:00 PM PST

700 Club
1:00 PM PST
Pastor John Hagee
1:30 PM PST
Foundations of Freedom
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Testimonies Recently Sent to TBN! <<   >>
LOOK what the LORD and YOU, FAITHFUL TBN PARTNERS, have done in 29 years! TBN has become this MIGHTY VOICE for the Kingdom of God – with over 3,000 stations worldwide, seen on 21 satellites, carried on 5,956 cable systems, heard 24 hours a day on shortwave radio, and SEEN WORLDWIDE, 24 hours a day via the Internet! Here are just a few of the testimonies recently sent to TBN:

“Here I want to tell you that we are watching all over Pakistan and people are very blessed from TBN. And I have heard that TBN also been watched in Afghanistan….” (Pakistan)

“We watch TBN Europe everyday…every program is wonderful and speaks the heart of God.” (Bahrain)

“TBN has…saved my wretched life. Without even talking to my children they too have decided to start seeking God.” (England)

Praise the Lord for TBN channel that changes my life….”(Dubai)

“As I was browsing through the internet I came across TBN…I have been longing to call on God and finally I have made my decision. Kindly send me some literature to help me grow in faith.” (Kenya)

“TBN has been a big, big blessing in my life. This station has help me to know God more and I long to serve him more.” (Guyana)

“Ever since I knew TBN my spiritual life has changed dramatically. I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost within me and I am very happy to tell you that I am growing. Praise be to God.” (Republic of South Africa)
“The glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.”