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Dec 6, 2016
7:30 AM PST

Joseph Prince
8:00 AM PST
Kenneth Copeland
8:30 AM PST
Kerry Shook
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My sweet, precious family and friends <<   >>
It's been too long since I've written to you — and I must again start by saying —
I love you...
Love you...
Love you...with all my heart!
And —
I thank you...
Thank you...
Thank you...for your prayers!

I am doing so, so, so well. I have really just thrown myself into Jesus' precious arms and I can't let go — it's so safe there! I love Him so! I never knew how much Jesus loved me, and I didn't know how much I could love Him, until my "light" affliction passed my way.

Jesus and I start the day talking — some in tongues — some just about any and everything — lot's of "I love you's and thank you's for what you've done for me." And sometimes He makes me laugh! Ohhhhhh, I wouldn't trade that morning time for anything He's soooo REAL!

I don't ask questions — I don't really think I care why it happened. I'm alive and I am completely pain free and happy as one person can be in this world And, ohhhhh the PEACE — I'm in love with the Prince of Peace and He is my LORD— and I have absolutely NO FEAR — NONE WHATSOEVER!

I have made a "prayer garden" and I take all of my sweet family and friends there. It has flowers — lady bugs — butterflies — praying angels — benches and it has the precious Holy Spirit in a POWERFUL way.

I have Holy Communion with my Beloved there almost everyday. He says, "Remember me," and I say "How can we do anything less — everyday — than remember what you did for us!"

I've had a few special, wonderful friends come by: my children, my "grands," my "daughters-in-love," Pastor Benny Hinn, Steve Brock, Pastor Steve Munsey, Dr. Oral Roberts, and many more precious saints. We have had unbelievable manifestations of GOD'S POWER! We were all praying for each other It's incredible!

My "letters and cards" room is right next to my guest room — so every prayer made in that room permeates right through your precious cards and letters, and I know you are feeling exactly what I have been feeling: the uplifting of the "prayers of the saints." You receive our prayers, too. We pray for one another and GOD DOES THE MIRACLES!

I am so thrilled to let you know that God sent a miracle our way in the form of a beautiful lady — Dr. Pat Bailey — for Haiti! She is a protιgι of Dr. T.L. and Daisy Osborn — a powerful, precious, prayer warrior. She is going to Haiti with my precious brother Joel Jeune to "call the nation" of Haiti to fall to its knees and worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Please cover her with your love and prayers. "Smile of a Child" is paying for a film crew to accompany them as they go to the very mountain in Haiti where that nation was dedicated to evil, and will DECLARE THAT JESUS IS LORD OVER HAITI!

Over $150,000 has come in to "Smile of a Child" in the last few weeks and the foundation of the hospital is going up as we speak Thank you from the children of Haiti for their HOSPITAL. It should be finished in one year!

God is soooooooooooooooooooo GOOD! I love Him sooooooooooooooo MUCH! I am absolutely HEALED from the TOP of my head to the TIP of my toes — (and all that is within me!)

I love you — I thank you — I don't know what the world would be like without YOU YOU are GOD'S CHOSEN — you are GOD'S CHILD — and it is HIS GOOD PLEASURE to give you ALL the desires of your heart — just ask Him!