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Feb 5, 2016
11:00 PM PST

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I Will Bless The Lord At All Times
12:00 AM PST
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Please Fill Out Your Praise-a-Thon® Pledge <<   >>
Through the years we have tried to give you the KEY — many keys that would open the door to your need, whatever it may be. In many of the Bible stories, bringing a gift to God began the process of receiving.

In King David's case, sin had to be repented of. In the case of the man born blind, Jesus answered the disciples saying, "Neither did this man sin or his parents, but that the glory of God might be revealed." When Jesus healed the leper, he told him to go and present an offering to the priest as commanded by Moses.

No, as I have said often, "You cannot buy anything from God, but a gift says, "Lord I need your attention. I am serious about this need I have!"

As you make or renew your love gifts for Christian TV, write your need or prayer request on the envelope. All of us at TBN will join you in the prayer of agreement (Matt. 18:19) until YOUR VICTORY COMES! Jan and I will join you in giving our very best this Praise-a-Thon®!

We love you!