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Dec 6, 2016
6:00 AM PST

Dr. Creflo Dollar
6:30 AM PST
Pastor John Hagee
7:00 AM PST
Joel Osteen
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Hello my sweet, precious, wonderful, beautiful TBN Family! <<   >>
I love you…
love you...
love you...
I thank you...
thank you...
thank you...

for ALL your love, cards, letters, e-mails, prayer cloths, gifts — but most of all for your prayers.

Sweet Family — we have had a miracle — I am HEALED of cancer! All I can do is PRAISE, WORSHIP, REJOICE, SHOUT, and CRY. Psalm 116: 1-6 (selected verses) in the Living Bible says it so make or renew your PLEDGE FOR SOULS today! beautifully:

"I love the Lord because He hears my prayers and ANSWERS THEM! Because He bends down and listens, I will pray AS LONG AS I BREATHE! DEATH STARED ME IN THE FACE...then I cried, LORD, SAVE ME! How kind He is! How good He is! So MERCIFUL, this GOD of ours! The Lord protects the simple and the childlike. I was facing death and then HE SAVED ME... The Lord has done this WONDERFUL MIRACLE FOR ME."

GOD'S WORD LIVES! These words written 3,000 years ago are ALIVE and WELL and I have LIVED them these past 4 months.

I just want to get your sweet little face in my hands and look into your precious eyes and say, "Sweetheart, Jesus is ALIVE TODAY. He heals TODAY. He loves you today. He wants you to talk to Him today. He wants you to ASK Him to heal you today — and He will. He HEALED me. I am 1,000,000% CANCER FREE — ONLY because of my Jesus!"

Sweet precious Partners – please read Isaiah 52:15 (selected verses) and 53:5 with me:

"They shall see my Servant BEATEN and BLOODIED — SO DISFIGURED ONE WOULD SCARCELY KNOW it was a person standing there." Please listen to these life giving words: "He was WOUNDED and BRUISED FOR OUR sins. He was chastised that WE might have peace. HE WAS LASHED — and WE ARE HEALED!"

Oh thank you precious Jesus I love you so, so, so very much.

See Him raise His eyes toward you and hear Him SILENTLY SCREAM — "I LOVE YOU. I took your sins — I took your sicknesses. I DID THIS FOR YOU!" Partners — the Holy Spirit just came all OVER me while I was just writing those words: "HE WAS LASHED AND WE ARE HEALED." Ohhhhhhhhhh...

Thank you Father...
Thank you Jesus...
Thank you Holy Spirit!

There is healing flowing as you are reading this. Just see our Jesus — beaten —bruised — bleeding. See your sickness on Him right now: your HIV/aids...your diabetes...your MS...your heart disease...your fever. HE DIED on the cross and went to HELL with your sins and sickness. See Him BURST TRIUMPHANTLY out of death, HELL and the grave on the third day, and with this act JESUS PAID FOR — ATONED FOR — your sins and sickness. Now He sits triumphantly at the right HAND of GOD the Father, EVER interceding for you to believe and receive what He did for YOU 2,000 years ago!

Healing is simple —Talking to our loving Father, in the name of Jesus

Healing is — Asking with your mouth for the miracle
Healing is — So wonderful!
Healing is — For a kingdom purpose
(don't ask if you don't have a kingdom purpose)

Now — let's get the JOB of telling the world about a LOVING, HEALING JESUS! I've had my miracle to:

1. Share it with everyone I meet
2. Get my "Smile of a Child" projects done
3. See that everything GOD shares with me to do — I DO IT!

I can ask daily, "Hello, sweet Jesus – what's our job today?" Wow! Sometimes very small — sometimes MIND BLOWING BIG — it's OK! I have the greatest Partner in the world and He and I together can do anything!
I love you...
love you...
love you...

Believe with me that everyone in the whole wide world can be HEALED — and believe with me that Jesus' name will be GLORIFIED around the world as the ONE and ONLY TRUE HEALER!

He healed my chicken, He has healed my family and He has healed me. Hear Him saying "I love you enough to bear it all for you; love Me enough to believe and receive it."

We'll talk again soon.

I love you,