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Dec 4, 2016
4:00 PM PST

Dr. Michael Youssef
4:30 PM PST
Robert Morris
5:00 PM PST
Joel Osteen
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Dear precious TBN Family, <<   >>
It happened last Wednesday. “Jan,” I heard a voice say. “Yes,” I responded, looking around…. “Hello.” I heard nothing. “Hello, is someone there? Did someone call me?” Working in my office about 4:00 p.m., I heard it again from down the hall: “Jan.” I answered, “Yes, I heard you…hello? Did someone call me?”

With people coming and going during the day, I didn’t think that much about it. But, when it was 10:30 p.m. — and I was still in my office finishing up late faxes — I heard it again. “Jan.I froze in my chair. I said, “Is someone there?” and got up quickly and went to the back door. I called out, “Pinky, Baby, Jazzie, come in here and sit with mommy while I finish working.” The dogs gladly came running in and smelled everything in the house. With an 80 pound German shepherd by my side and her two side kicks, two toy poodles, I felt safe and sound and forgot about the voice calling. I quickly finished up and got everyone ready for a wonderful night’s sleep.

I’m getting Holy Ghost goose bumps now just writing about this, because what was to happen in a few hours was truly heavenly! I suppose it was about three in the morning — I’ve been awakened a lot in the past year and when it happens I just talk to Jesus a while and usually fall back asleep — but this was different. I felt as if I was lifted up off my bed — not far, maybe one foot or so — but I felt as if I were floating and hands were holding me. I had no fear whatsoever — only peace, only joy — and all I could do was “listen with my heart…and in my mind.”

I suddenly had “a knowing” that it was the Father and He was holding me in His arms just to remind me of things He had asked me to do, and of things I had promised Him I would do for Him. It was not audible. I did not open my eyes. In His arms, I was reminded of Haiti: I saw peace, joy, everyone happy, parks, bicycles, Jesus on everyone’s lips — the GLORY of the LORD radiating from everyone everywhere — in every home, every building. I saw the hospital “alive,” with the people being ministered to, and I saw myself there leaning over beautiful people doing all I could do. I saw Jesus everywhere — in faces, on the walls, in hearts.

Then, the absolute knowledge in my heart and mind flooded me: “that my body was healed.” I felt assured that the miracle was complete, and PEACE, JOY, TEARS, HOPE, COMFORT overwhelmed me. I don’t know how long this lasted. I just know the next morning there was a NEW SONG in my heart, a new joy on my face — that my vision, my purpose, my Kingdom destiny had been renewed in my heart and I now still feel the uplifting in my spirit. There is a place right around your middle that lifts, when you draw a breath — that is where the joy, the peace radiates from — I believe this is where the precious Holy Spirit abides. You can just be lifted in your sweet precious spirit now. Breathe in His love. Breathe in His peace. Breathe in His joy. Put your sweet hands over your tummy and breathe and lift. “Jesus, Oh Sweet, Precious Jesus, FILL that emptiness.” Let Him lift your heavy burdens away. Let Him love you the way He wants to every single moment. Breathe in His Life.

Tears are in my eyes just writing this. I hope you are feeling His presence NOW. He loves you. He wants to renew that dream you had as a teen to do something sooooo special for Jesus — but the dream was “snatched away” by the burdens of this world. But, that was a Jesus dream and He picked you especially to do that wonderful Kingdom thing for Him. Think about that dream — it would tickle your heart and spirit when you were young. You would see the dream finished and flourishing — you knew that it was a Jesus thing. He’s renewing your mind and your dream now as you read — you see yourself again at 12, 15, 18 years old, dreaming BIG for Jesus, and you will this moment declare it “out loud” to Jesus: “Lord, I know that was your dream for me and I declare now I will begin TODAY to renew your Kingdom purpose for my life and I will start TODAYLIVING MY DREAM. Do you feel the joy? Are tears in your eyes? Are you seeing Jesus? Are you two getting the job started? This is your moment, sweet Partner.

“How could Jan build a hospital?” One year ago I was dying with colon cancer, with a blood count of 6. But, oh sweet Jesus. Ohhhhhhhhh, precious, beautiful, wonderful, loving, healing, caring Jesus came and because HE was willing to be beaten, whipped, scourged, marred for mebecause He was willing to bear cancer for mebecause He went to the cross for mebecause He took sin and sickness to HELL for me, and because He defeated SATAN for me, and because He took the keys of Death, Hell and the Grave for me, and because He arose Triumphantly on the third day holding those keys high above His beautiful, victorious head, and because He now GIVES those keys to me and to you and says, “I have defeated Death, Hell and the Grave for you, Jan Crouch, and I have given you, Jan Crouch, My authorityI have given you, Jan Crouch, My Name — NOW, you go — you be healed — you be whole and you do in My Name, in My authority and release this world from SATAN’s power in My Name.” Now, precious TBN Partner, YOU be healed so the job can be done! Here I am — one year later, with the report from the latest PET scan: “NO visual evidence of DISEASE.” Only Jesus - Only Jesus - Only Jesus - Only Jesus!

So — in Jesus’ Name: “Haiti Hospital — be finished. Toys around the world, GO in Jesus’ Name. Children’s books, be printed. Jesus toys, be manufactured. Island of Haiti, be free in Jesus Name! Bloom. Blossom. Produce. Live. Children of the world, ‘SMILE’— Jesus loves you!” We as TBN Partners declare it, because as we do it, we have the Name and the power and the authority to do it.

We love you, World, and Jesus loves you — I Love you — In Jesus’ Name,