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Mar 28, 2015
10:30 AM PDT

Mike's Inspiration Station
11:00 AM PDT
Nest Family Animated Stories from the Bible
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Dear Precious TBN Partners <<   >>
The little trailer I stay in when we’re in Florida is very special to me—it’s where my lil’ mom closed her eyes on this earth and opened them to see Jesus in heaven. I’ve had many wonderful “Jesus times” there, but this morning was to be very, very special! Since Jesus 100% healed me of cancer, I have not let ONE day go by without either loving Him…thanking Him …praising Him…reading His Love Words to me… remembering Him with Holy Communion. But this morning would be oh so life changing.

It was early morning and I knew I wouldn’t be getting up yet, but I was awake, so as usual I began to think about my precious Savior and Healer—Jesus. I remember it just started with the thought, “Oh Jesus, I love you so much.” Then my thoughts turned to hearable words: “Oh Jesus…you are so beautiful, so wonderful, so precious and I love you… I love you. Oh, my sweet Jesus.” As those words came out of my mouth, my hands just went up to heaven and I began to sing the most beautiful melody—I was singing what I was saying! “Oh precious Jesus…You are soooo beautiful…You are my King …my Savior…my Lord.” Oh, the melody—I wish you could have heard it! I can’t sing at all, but what I was hearing myself say and sing—tears began running from my eyes—it was so unearthly! I just sang and sang and sang. And as I sang my arms were praising as if leading my own worship. And, ohhhhh the presence of Jesus. He just appears when you are LOST in worship! The love you feel at those moments can never be described. The peace you feel in those times can never be explained. The ecstasy is almost more that you can contain! The song just swelled and my heart was rejoicing!

There I was in Mom’s trailer, lying in bed, tears streaming down my face, my hands waiving and leading my worship (Love Song) to Jesus, when all of a sudden I saw the most beautiful sight that EVER could be seen with earthly eyes! I was standing in front of a choir that looked like 100 people deep and stretched from where I was standing, it seemed, for miles! It was like a ribbon unfolding. Thousands upon thousands of beautiful heavenly beings in flowing, almost transparent, crystal blue gowns…singing! Oh, the sight—but OHHHHH the SOUND! I can hear it now as I’m writing. Oh, I wish you could hear it— I wish you could see it—GLORIOUS beyond description! All were singing and I was standing in front! My arms still waiving and leading to what my heart had been singing for an hour! “Oh Jesus…I love you…You are so beautiful…You are so wonderful… You are my Healer and I love you.”

As I sang and sang and waved my arms I realized the choir of heaven, thousands upon thousands, was singing EXACTLY what I was singing: they were singing “My Heart’s Song” and I was leading the choir! As I sang loud, they sang loud. As I slowed, they slowed. As I sang high, they sang high. Oh my…the sopranos…the altos…the beautiful harmony — and it was “My Heart’s Song.” As I sang a LINE—that’s what the choir was singing! Ohhhhh the JOY! I was praising, they were praising. I was rejoicing, they were rejoicing—and we were loving EVERY moment of it. My arms continued to lead and my heart gave new words like: “You are my precious Healing Lord…You are my loving, forgiving Savior.” No matter my words, the choir read my heart and together we sang and sang and sang. I was aware of what was happening. I remember thinking, “I’m leading the heavenly choir! No, look—I’M LEADING THE HEAVENLY CHOIR!”

Oh, I can hardly write. It was so unbelievably incredible! But, I began to look around and there on the very front row to the right was my little precious Daddy…his head thrown back, singing with all his heart! Up to the left, there was my lil’ Mom, so beautiful…so tranquil…singing in perfect harmony. My Mom, my precious Mom.

I remember as we were praising and worshipping, I could see a LASER spot of GOLD in the far left. The light would BRIGHTEN BLINDINGLY with a high praise and dim a bit at times. GOD was there—LISTENING! As we were singing the wonderful praises, all of a sudden I saw a beautiful figure come from the left of the choir. He stood and listened for a moment, beautiful blue robe and brown shoulder length hair. He so gently lifted His hands toward ALL of us as if to say, “Oh thank you just for REMEMBERING ME,” then He gently bowed His head…and with that I was back in my bed, sobbing. I had just experienced a moment that has changed my life. I was just praising Jesus in song in my little bed, and my life whirled with a heavenly encounter!

Does the heavenly choir of our precious loved ones that are present with Jesus join in our worship from earth? Do they sing what we sing when it pours from our hearts? Did Jesus come to let me know how much He loves us for remembering Him when we worship? If this is true, and it IS as far as I have experienced, then sing your little heart out! Sing it NOW… sweeties! Sing your ‘Heart Song’ to Jesus—what He has done for you. Oh sing about His healing you when no one else could. Sing about His loving you when no one else would. Sing about His forgiving you when you needed to be forgiven. Sing about His giving you life and breath and purpose, and His being your best friend. Let your heart sing NOW and know that far, far away there’s a heavenly choir of MILLIONS that are joining you in praising our Jesus with your Heart Song (I truly believe this). I got to see my little angel Daddy and Mom in that Choir. Your mom is there—your dad is there—they want to sing with you, but most of all JESUS IS THERE waiting …listening to your precious songs of THANKS! He was marred and beaten and hung on a cross for you…and all He asks is “Please remember Me. Oh, please start today.” He’s waiting!

He loves you, and so do I…. Let the “Child in You Smile!”

Your sister in Jesus,