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Apr 1, 2015
2:00 PM PDT

The Passion of the Christ
4:30 PM PDT
Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion
5:30 PM PDT
Dr. David Jeremiah
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From Kuwait: “I am proud to be your partner. I am in Kuwait, I have recommended TBN channel to many friends in Kuwait.” J.E.

From the U.S.A.: “Thanks…TBN, on that raining, stormy, and cloudy day, I did not want to live anymore, hope was gone until the Lord reached out to me… I thank God for another chance.” D.C.

From Iraq: “I watch TBN on the HOTBIRD since we got our liberty by the U.S. Army. GOD BLESS THEM. Please say thank you for me, for all the U.S. troops who are serving here in Baghdad and all over Iraq.” C.A.

From Bulgaria: “Thank you, that you and your team, make us possible to receive TBN signal with all its stations free here in Sofia, Bulgaria…It is very useful for me and for my family to have 24 hours a day anointed, Bible based and Christ centered programs.” D.R.

From the Republic of Congo: “Sir! There is a great revival in this civil war torn country and all of us have join hands together through the inspiration of your Network.” J.A.

From the Togo: “TBN gives us hope & peace, because of its preaching of Jesus Christ.We appreciate all you do…. Here there is no Christian television station, but we watch TBN clearly through the satellite dish.”

From the Rwanda: “I am 14 years. I am glad to write you this letter because when I was sad and I once saw you on television because of your preaching I saw that I was no longer sad anymore. So I thank you very much for your preaching on television of TBN in Togo and I like to learn the word of God from you every day. Thank you very much for making me happy.” P.C.