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Apr 19, 2014
5:00 PM PDT

Dr. Charles Stanley
6:00 PM PDT
Hour of Power - America's Television Church
7:00 PM PDT
Billy Graham
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From a U.S. Soldier stationed in Kuwait: "I am in the US Army, on Active Duty, stationed in Kuwait. I thank God everyday for being able to watch TBN. TBN is truly food to my soul. Thank you and may God forever bless you." - V.H.

From Trinidad,West Indies: "There were many times in my life I lost hope but TBN has been able to literally resurrect my inner being and I was able to move on. On many occasions, I was given a word from your pastors, and it has truly made a difference in my life." – S.R.

From the U.S.A.: "I received the Lord by watching your program. I've been delivered from drugs." – J.L.D.

From the Netherlands: "I live in the Netherlands (Europe) and just found out that I can watch TBN on my computer. This is awesome!! I first found your station on digital TV and was very excited about the preachers on your station. The broadcasts brought me back to Jesus and make me understand the Bible more and more." – M.C.

From the Philippines: "I was contemplating suicide just within this year. I've been a Christian for almost 3 years but last year I started to have depression. I stopped going to church. I know in my heart that God will do something to help me. I watched and watched TBN, feeding on God's word. One day while watching TBN, I renewed my commitment to Christ. My healing was gradual, but now I'm totally free from depression and I thank God for TBN." – I.G.

From the U.S.A.: "You need to know that TBN has been the biggest blessing in my life the past 6 months, and helped to bring me out of a deep despair, back to my sure hope!" - B.B.

From the Faroe-Islands: "I live in the Faroe-Islands - 18 small islands in the North Atlantic…. One night, I wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning. I just felt the Holy Spirit led me to turn the T.V.TBN. And what did I see? Just what I needed in my circumstances…. It was just as the Lord was in my room, and answered my prayer and cry for my life." – S.Z.

From England: "If it had not been for you and your channel giving me back my faith and reassuring me that God really did care about little me, I do not believe that I would still be here today. I am so grateful that God cares enough about me that he would inspire you to create this channel and pour your hearts and lives into helping others." – T.S.

From Australia: "Through your vision God is reaching us every night through your network. We are being changed daily to the Glory of GOD and TBN is a huge part of that out here in Australia. Keep taking charge of those airwaves – up until TBN the devil has had it too much to himself." – P. & P. S.

From France: "I'm watching you from France Marseilles. It's great to see Christians and Gospel on TV… in France we are far from that, I expect it will come here soon." - J-M

From South Africa: "My daily source of strength and encouragement comes from TBN. Thank you Paul and Jan and the TBN family for planting a seed in me for all etermity. If I don't ever meet you here; I know I will meet you in Heaven. Be blessed in everything you do and say!"

From Namibia: "Watching TBN has inspired my life. I have got a difference view of having Jesus as your Saviour. I sincerely would like to repent, be a better person." – D.G.