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Dec 8, 2016
2:00 PM PST

2:30 PM PST
The Story of the Bible
3:00 PM PST
Billy Graham Crusade (Classic)
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From Jamaica: "When I was in a backslidden state TBN was my only contact with God and through your ministry I am now back in Jesus' fold!"

From Egypt: "I just want to thank peoples for the big efforts about the Healing Channel TBN Arabic and thanks to God because there is a channel like this and all your programs are great."

From the U.S.A.: "Thank you for saving my life. I started watching your network TBN last summer. During that time my husband was in jail…and I was in the house by myself, so I started watching you and felt my loneliness go away. I have been watching your programs ever since.The Lord Jesus is real and present in my life. He was always there, but I wasn't open to Him. But now I feel Him all the time. Especially when I watch shows about Him on TBN." —L.S.

From Indonesia: "I love TBN's program! It's been given me an understanding of truth about living in God's way! God bless you and use you more and more for His glory!! Amen! —T.S.

From Ghana: "I am a pastor in Ghana…I want to say praise God for TBN. Where would I have been without TBN. I write you these lines with tears in my eyes.You will never know until you get to heaven what you mean to this world. It is always my pleasure to receive God's word from TBN in my part of the world…." —V.A.

From Zambia: "In the May 2005 [TBN] newsletter you sent me, you posted this question…‘If you died this very moment, do you have the assurance that you would be saved and would go to heaven to be with God forever?'That was a very good challenge you put across. When I read on, I saw the sinner's prayer. I prayed as many times as I could just to be sure of myself. Then I signed in my name to confirm my salvation as indicated in the letter. I was so glad to have received Jesus into my heart and that one day I will see him in heaven." —M.C.

From China: "I feel honored to introduce myself to you. I come from…China.Thanks to your satellite TV channel program, I am able to watch your amazing Christian program including the speeches of Billy Graham, Benny Hinn and Joel Osteen, etc. Through these programs I get to know what the Bible is and who Jesus Christ is. I am very inspired by their words. I often follow them to pray for the Lord and praise the Lord. Meantime I am also grateful to you. I feel you have been doing a very good job.You are spreading the gospel to all over the world through your TV and broadcasting."

From Russia: "This is really powerful! The satellite dish, TBN Christian programs—we praise God for TBN network…. Our church has greatly grown spiritually and in numbers because of this TV ministry. We started many new ministries." —A.T.

From Trinidad & Tobago: "Just to let you know that it is through watching your program that I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord God and Savior. " —N.R.