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Dec 9, 2016
6:30 PM PST

Perry Stone
7:00 PM PST
8:30 PM PST
Christine Caine
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Love Letters From Around the World <<   >>

From Superpower KTBN shortwave radio listener in Cuba: “Hello dear Christian friends. The writer of this letter is a listener of your broadcast here in Havana, Cuba…Dear friends I venture to write you this letter because I have been listening [to] your broadcast today and I want the books that you want to send to your listeners…I like your broadcast. [I listen] on my Sony radio with the antenna hanging out the window in a second floor…. GOD BLESS AMERICA.” —CM

From China: “I have been hearing about TBN so much and have been listening to its messages through the internet. If I may say,TBN has been of great important to my spiritual growth. I will really wish to be more stronger in the Lord. I will really like to be encourage by your ministry…. Beloved in the Lord, I will be very much happy to read from you with all love from the Lord. I pray that let there be open heavens for TBN…may the Lord bless and may his abundant love, peace and grace be upon you people.”—ME

From Sweden: “Hello my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ…. I love you all in TBN. Watching TBN broadcast my life has really change. I just wanna say thanks for all your good work for God.” —S

From the U.S.: “This show has kept me through all my fiery trials! Having had five major surgeries and cancer in the past four years…. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to die and just get out of pain and suffering, but I would put TBN on and the Lord always had something healing, comforting and restoring to say through TBN…. I love you and thank you for being my lifeline emotionally, mentally, physically and above all spiritually. Praise the Lord!! My last biopsy… shows “No” cancer! —JM

From Bulgaria: “TBN is something special for me. Thank you for your great job and to make me and my friends happy.”—D

From pastor in Egypt: “With the name of thousands of souls in more than 35 poor villages in Upper Egypt whom the Lord has touched their life through your great service of installing the Healing Channel into their houses. On their behalf I would like to present our deep thanks to everyone participate in this blessed work…. I would like to advise you that the result of the installing of the Healing Channel to the poor house and the number of deprived villages in Upper Egypt [has] gone exceedingly beyond all expectations (praise the Lord). In every day thousands stay home in front of the Healing Channel instead of sitting in front of the worldly destroying channels that works on the devil’s behalf and they accept the work of God with great hunger. Many of the neighboring villages are asking with urgency that God will do with them what [He] has done with the other villages, and that their people also receive their share from the blessings…. They are praying without ceasing and the wonderful thing is that what you have done moved other people’s hearts in richer villages to do the same. My beloved, God had used you in a mighty work and I have confidence that He will use you in the future to extend His great work and you will be His blessing tools, which He will use to fulfill His promise (“Blessed be Egypt my people).” —EA

From Trinidad & Tobago: “I viewed a telecast program on TBN…I was truly touched by that inspirational message. I then continued to view other programs on TBN, and I gave my life back to Christ.” —TS