Ch. 26 Studio in Madrid -- completed,
receiving TBN/Enlace LIVE via Satellite and
spreading the Good News of Jesus in Spain!

The beautiful new studio building for Channel 26, in MADRID, SPAIN is now completed and ON THE AIR -- 24 hours a day -- LIVE via satellite from our Latin American headquarters in Costa Rica. Joining Paul for the great dedication was JONAS GONZALES, SR., the Christian missionary to Central and South America, who stepped out on faith about 15 years ago with the first station permit. His son, Jonas Gonzales, Jr., told us how his father had actually suffered his THIRD STROKE, but WOULD NOT GIVE UP on the vision for Christian TV for Latin America. It was at this point the Holy Spirit brought YOUR TBN into the picture to help save the fledgling 10-watt station in San José, Costa Rica, and a LATIN AMERICAN Christian TV network was born! Last count -- TBN/Enlace consists of over 750 stations worldwide. Oh, yes, Jonas Gonzales, Sr. was HEALED...God raised him up to help us pioneer Christian TV in Latin America!