Chuck & Gena Norris
with John & Ruthanne Jacobs

"'Paul and Silas have turned the rest of the world upside down, and now they are here disturbing our city," they shouted...'" Acts 17:6 TLB

CHUCK NORRIS and his lovely wife, GENA, were special guests with John and Ruthanne Jacobs on Praise The Lord. It was our joy to show a clip from his hit series, Walker Texas Ranger. This special episode, that aired on CBS just before Christmas, even included a salvation prayer! And, in an earlier episode of Walker Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris had John Jacobs appear as himself and preach -- with the Power Team performing their feats of strength at a high school assembly! The voices of Christians ARE beginning to be heard -- even in secular media! Thank you, CHUCK NORRIS, for your BOLD witness for Christ!