Join in on TBN's Revival Praise-A-Thon
April 2 - 7, 2000

TBN broadcasts 24 hours a day
on Shortwave and the Internet

The Internet is an awesome tool YOUR TBN is using for evangelism -- we are averaging over 50,000 "visitor sessions" a week and over ONE MILLION in the just the last 3 months of 1999 logged onto TBN's Web site! We upgraded our TBN Web site to allow for the huge growth of Web traffic. Now, there is no limit to how many can log onto the site at once and watch TBN! The Internet allows YOUR TBN to be a 24-hour station inside countries that may NEVER allow us to build a TV station! TBN's network broadcast -- VIDEO AND AUDIO -- can be seen and heard on the Internet 24 hours a day from our TBN Web site ( The next Internet project -- ON THE WAY -- is "video on demand," which will enable Internet viewers to select and watch their favorite TBN program at any time! Please pledge for TBN's WORLDWIDE outreach and 24-hour broadcast in CYBERSPACE and on SHORTWAVE RADIO!