May 2000 Newsletter




(Paul's May 2000 Article)


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TBN-Lesotho -- ON THE AIR!

Paul's second meeting with Ambassador to Peoples' Republic of China

Missionary/Eye Surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth Vaughn discusses possible TV program for China with Paul, and Dr. Donald Whitaker

Bishop Joel Jeune, missionary to Haiti, and Jan's Smile of a Child foundation team up to build a children's hospital in Haiti

Marilyn Hickey hosts Praise the Lord with Rex Humbard as her special guest

Ken & Solveig Henderson

Paul and V.P. of Engineering, Ben Miller, at "Eutelsat Hot Bird" master control in London watching TBN satellite feed

VIRTUAL MEMORY -- a brand new Bible quiz game show on TBN!

Paul & Jan with Benny Hinn, and his mother and brother, along with Steve Brock on Praise the Lord

Pat & Shirley Boone

Brother Andrew, Dr. Jack Hayford, Dr. Bill & Vonette Bright, and Pat & Shirley Boone on Praise the Lord

Debby Boone

Gary Busey

Superbowl Night on Praise the Lord with: Alonzo Spellman, Dexter Coakly, Mike Barber, and Deion Sanders

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