[PICTURE CAPTION: Many of you joined us, last April, as we threw another "BIG SWITCH" for SATELLITE! Eutelsat Hot Bird 3 is ON THE AIR, preaching the Gospel in ITALIAN 24 hours a day! The satellite footprint covers ALL of Italy and Europe.]

One more time: "5...4...3...2...1...BLAST OFF!" Power, indeed, belongs to our God! How we rejoiced last April as we threw, yet, ANOTHER big switch to dedicate EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 3. This new DTH (direct-to-home) satellite is the latest digital technology, and covers ALL OF EUROPE and beyond -- with Italian language Christian programming -- from our TBNE station in Milan, Italy. Our station manager, Chuck Hall, reported that the first call came from an Italian-speaking lady in Germany! Praise the Lord! Many nations in Europe have Italian-speaking colonies. Now they, along with the mother nation, Italy, will be able to receive the Gospel. Until now, our Italian language TV coverage was limited to our 34 TV stations in Italy. "BUONGIORNO!" ("Good morning!") to all of our brothers and sisters in Italy and beyond! And "good morning" to the multitudes of souls, that we now claim BY FAITH, who will hear the GOOD NEWS and be saved!

Many in the Italian-speaking world know something about a historical Jesus, but do not KNOW HIM as a personal, loving Lord and Savior. NOW THEY WILL! Praise the Lord God Most High! Oh, yes --


So, rejoice, rejoice, dear Partners, as SATELLITE NUMBER 16 covers the Italian-speaking world with the Gospel through YOUR TBNE (Trinity Broadcasting Network of Europe). Pray for Chuck and Nora Hall as they continue to labor in this vital area of the world. Our studios in Rome and Milan will need to produce more and better programming, and, of course, our budget goes UP by about $40,000 a month! Please be faithful with your Praise-A-Thon pledges and love gifts.

We continue to be amazed by the response from our other European DTH satellite that speaks English. EUTELSAT HOT BIRD 5, that I reported on last month, is reaching new countries and areas of the world we never dreamed possible. Every single nation in Europe has checked in, and in large numbers! But most amazing is the response from Moslem nations. Two important things have caught my attention: First of all, the number of honest inquiries from non-Christians asking for information about our faith is downright thrilling! We often think of these people as being extremely hostile to the Christian faith, and, of course, many are, but don't let the news media fool you. Multitudes outside of our faith are hungry for, and are searching for, THE TRUTH! Praise God -- over 120 MILLION households can now receive our message -- HIS MESSAGE: "I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." (John 14:6)

[PICTURE CAPTION: YOUR TBN is being seen in homes all over the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. In Jerusalem, our driver, Hammed, told us he and his family watch TBN, and I just had to see it for myself! This precious Arab family was watching KIDS CLUB, via direct-to-home satellite on Eutelsat Hot Bird 5.]

Secondly, I am amazed by the messages coming from some Middle Eastern nations, from Christians -- our brothers and sisters in Christ! We have thought that some of these nations were absolutely CLOSED to the Gospel, with nary a single Christian in them. NOT SO! Praise the Lord. Many messages are coming from the Christian underground, saying: "Please do not read our names over the air, but please pray for us." Many are serving Christ quietly in these lands, often at the risk of their lives. In fact, in some of these countries, it is even illegal to have the little DTH satellite dish. But the missionaries are telling us to PLEASE keep the Gospel coming in by satellite! It is having a glorious effect on the unsaved. It is a GODSEND to THEM, and is feeding their souls with the Bread of Life! Oh, precious Partners, say it with me: "HIS STRENGTH IS MIGHTY IN THE HEAVENS!" (Psalms 68:34 TLB)

[PICTURE CAPTION: Last year, I joined with station manager, Leo Slingerland, and many local pastors to dedicate the station in Nairobi, Kenya. Jan and I are on our way to Kenya to be with Benny Hinn for a great miracle crusade. REVIVAL is sweeping over the nation of Kenya!]

By the time you read this, I will have returned from CHINA! I will bring you many reports from Kenya, East Africa, India, and China. As I write this letter, Jan and I are on our way to Kenya to be with our dear brother, Benny Hinn, for a great miracle crusade! Our new TV station in Nairobi, which we signed on the air last year, will broadcast news of the crusade to millions! Jan wants to visit the hospitals and orphanages to give YOUR dolls and trucks to the children. She thanks you from her heart for keeping a steady stream of toys coming. They are YOUR little missionaries to the children who are hurting the most -- with the message of salvation tied to every doll and truck!

This will be my first visit to the land of India. Christian leaders are so excited that TBN is coming into their nation -- the second most populous country on earth, right behind China. They have invited me to speak at a great Christian gathering of over one half million! I also hope to visit the tomb of St. Thomas, who took the Gospel to the East, from Jerusalem, two thousand years ago.

Finally, CHINA! I know many of you, my dear Partners, are praying for me and for China. God is giving us favor with the wonderful Chinese people and leaders. What this trip will produce, only God knows, but there is a deep stirring in my soul that a massive door is opening to one and one-half BILLION souls, in this ancient land and culture. The Chinese are seeking answers concerning our Christian faith -- honest questions, which we, by the precious Holy Spirit, will GIVE THEM!

[PICTURE CAPTION: On one of our first missionary trips to CHINA, Jan and I stood on the GREAT WALL, and, in intercessory prayer, the Holy Spirit revealed the spiritual battle being waged over this nation. We are now seeing a breakthrough! BY FAITH, we'll bring back a glorious report!]

Ah, dear Partners, what a day to be alive! Revival is not COMING -- IT IS HERE. Praise the Lord! The great final Harvest is pouring in -- all praise to our great LORD OF THE HARVEST, Jesus Christ! Yes, "POWER BELONGS TO GOD!" (Psalm 68:34 TLB) And HIS majesty is shining down on His people. Let us labor, then, "while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." (John 9:4)

All of this great end-time MIRACLE is because of YOU! Jan and I cannot carry this great load, even one day, without you. "Thank you" is pitifully inadequate to express the love, thanks, gratitude and deep emotion we feel for all of you, our faithful Partners. Because of you --

"HIS MAJESTY IS SHINING DOWN ON [HIS PEOPLE]"over the whole wide world!

Let's keep shining!







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