Betty Jean Robinson
Retells the VISION the Holy Spirit gave her
20 years ago, regarding TBN.

"And...My those days...shall prophesy"
Acts 2:18

Tucked inside the well-worn pages of BETTY JEAN ROBINSON's Bible, was a handwritten description of the vision the Holy Spirit had shown her 20 years ago. This is her account of that vision: "I saw the whole map of America, and, in the center, was the presidential seal -- the IPC (International Production Center). But the eagle on the seal was looking toward TBN, in southern California. From TBN, in southern California, great beams of light began to flood up over America and across the world! Written on those beams of light was: 'Salvation, Deliverance and Power,' and then a great beam that said, 'CANNOT BE STOPPED!' And, then, I heard the Spirit say to me, 'I have let My servant, Paul, in on the secrets for the final days'"