Paul Crouch, Hal Lindsey & Cliff Ford
"When you see these things...
...My return is near!"

"And when you see these things happening that I've described, you can be sure that My return is very near, that I am right at the door."
Mark 13:29 TLB

Every day we're receiving MORE E-mail messages coming to us from viewers in nations that have been CLOSED to the Gospel and Christian television. There are NO WALLS to block the satellite beams and the LIVE TBN broadcast, 24-hours a day on the Internet! Viewers in Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are saying, "Tell me about Jesus!" The message of the only living GOD -- the God who is above all gods -- is reaching MILLIONS of households in India! Paul asked HAL LINDSEY and CLIFF FORD, "What time is it on God's prophetic timetable?" And their answer was: "11:59 and counting!"