June 2000 Newsletter




(Paul's June 2000 Article)


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Satellite #16 - ON THE AIR! (Eutelsat Hot Bird #3 speaks ITALIAN)
Chuck Hall & Paul Crouch view satellite from Master Control in Milan

Bishop Clarence McClendon - "I am THAT I am"

R.W. Schambach - "YOU are the ropeholders"

Pastor Mike Hayes - "Put God FIRST...Bring the FIRSTFRUITS to God"

Betty Jean Robinson - "20 years ago, the Holy Spirit revealed a prophetic vision
to me concerning TBN, and NOW that prophecy is coming to pass!"

Alvin Slaughter - lifting us in PRAISE

As a TBN Partner, YOU are a WORLDWIDE missionary!

Paul Crouch & Benny Hinn "Jesus needs YOU, today..."

Creflo Dollar - "God gave us these awesome tools to TELL-A-VISION!"

Dr. Mark Chironna - "When our FAITH becomes ACTION, God's heart is moved"

Dean & Mary Brown - "Come before Him, singing with JOY!"

Paul, Hal Lindsey & Cliff Ford - "When you see these things...My return is near"

Jan and the ladies remind us how the WOMEN supported Jesus!

Del Way - "...One day, GRANNY'S GONNA RUN!"

Carman - "Heart of a Champion" TBN film is under way!

Matthew & Laurie Crouch with Kim Clement, confirming the Word to produce more films!

Paul visited Family Christian Store in Irving, Texas

Paul was on hand to help dedicate a new Communications Center,
named in his honor

Join Your TBN Family on a Songs of Praise Israel Tour on Sept. 6-15, 2000
(Write for a free brochure.)

Our Love Gift to YOU for JUNE ONLY