July 2000 Newsletter




(Paul's July 2000 Article)


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Paul & Jan greet TBN Partners at Benny Hinn crusade in Nairobi, Kenya

Over one MILLION attended the crusade and they are watching TBN in Kenya!

Many awesome MIRACLES at the crusade!

Saved...Healed...and DELIVERED at the crusade in Kenya

Even on ROOFTOPS a mile away, they watched the crusade!

What an ALTAR CALL in Kenya - the Harvest of the earth is ripe!

Kenyan people attending Benny Hinn crusade helped us depict
a dramatic scene for TBN's newest film, MEGIDDO

Paul presented a copy of THE OMEGA CODE book to Dr. Robert Schuller

Bishop Joel Jeune, who God raised from the dead as a baby led us in prayer, along with Franklin Graham, Dr. Robert Schuller, Paul & Jan,
and Dr. Robert A. Schuller

Jan & Paul visit the precious Kenyan child whose face was severely injured. This will be a special project of SMILE OF A CHILD to help her SMILE AGAIN!

Franklin Graham

"Doctors' Night" on PRAISE THE LORD

Join Your TBN Family on a Songs of Praise Israel Tour on Sept. 6-15, 2000
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