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"Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world." Psalms 19:4

Dear brother in Jesus, Dr. Paul Crouch,

I write you from IRAN. My name is H. and I am 30 years old. I serve the Lord Jesus here more than 10 years. Dear brother, it is in my heart to serve God with TV programs, and I am READY to do it in Persian, and Assyrian language.

Every day, I see the hunger of people, and only GOD knows that many days I cannot sleep until the morning, and I ask God to please use me. This is my dream: Preaching the Gospel in TV, worship ministry in TV and everywhere that God show me, and produce Christian music, and preparing testimonies of believers andbrother, you can't believe how people are hungry, and hungry, and hungry in this country, and they are ready, and ready, and ready to receive Jesus in their heart.

And today I need your help to do all things for glory of God. I believe that God has a great plan, and I AM READY. I felt God's call to work with youth people. After that I continue my ministry in house church. I was a full-time minister, but I was working and teaching music part-time. Now I am the worship leader and conductor of many music and worship groups, and God shows me the power of worship and praise. That how He touch the people with worship, and how His miraculous power is working through the praise.

I write you about my dreams and my thoughts and some of my ministries. Dear brother, I am waiting . . . GOD BLESS YOU, and thank you.

--H., from IRAN

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