Pledge for TBN FILMS

HEART OF A CHAMPION with CARMAN is one of the new TBN FILMS on the way!

PLEDGE TODAY for MORE TBN FILMS! A brand new, TBN film with a powerful story, HEART OF A CHAMPION featuring CARMAN, is well under way! This picture was taken during the filming of the scenes at the Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles. It was as close to REALITY as we could get. This is a life-changing story that will TOUCH hearts and lives for JESUS! The actual filming is finished and now the artistic process of film-making begins -- with the editing and the music. Expected release date is February 2001 in major theatres nationwide! The BIG bills are beginning to come in for this one, but these movies are a VITAL KEY to reaching young people, and an audience who might never otherwise enter a traditional church or watch TBN! MEGIDDO (the exciting sequel to The Omega Code) is ALSO being filmed right now, and also planned for release later next year. Please help us make MORE SOUL-WINNING FILMS, and support our V.R. theatres which are open FREE to the public. Please pledge for TBN FILMS & Virtual Reality theatres!