It was nearly twenty years ago when the King of Tonga came to visit TBN as a very special guest on Praise The Lord. Jan and I were very excited -- just think, a real reigning king was coming to see us! He was in the United States on a state visit, so the secret service agents were all over TBN. Doors and windows were inspected, the route of entry and exit were covered with smartly-dressed men with those little earphones showing. We felt very important to have such royalty back then, with about three TV stations to herald this historic event!

[PICTURE CAPTION: What an honor it was to have King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV, of the island nation of TONGA, as our guest on Praise The Lord!]

His Majesty was a large man, we were told -- about 400 pounds, so we constructed a special chair to support him. We all felt highly honored to have King Taufa'ahau Tupou IV on Praise The Lord that night.

As the program progressed, we learned, to our delight, that the king was not only a devout Christian, but also a preacher of the Gospel! He not only governed his South Pacific nation, but exhorted his citizens to live godly lives from the Holy Scriptures. What a blessed nation, we thought, to have such a government. Of course, I turned the conversation to Christian TV and asked about the possibility of a TBN station to reach the nation's population (over 102,000, as of July 2000). His Majesty was quick to welcome such a thought and agreed to assist us with the proper department of state. The program ended with a short sermonette by the King and we then helped escort him through the many secret service agents to his limousine. What a night -- one that will be long remembered!

We went to work on the TV station, and finally worked out an agreement with a ministry that would help with the construction and all the other details. But, guess what? Enter our arch-adversary once again! The story would take too long, but suffice it to say, our TBN license was taken away for commercial purposes -- our hopes dashed for Christian television for Tonga.

Back then, a defeat like this was far more devastating than today! Why? Well, after "World Wars ONE, TWO, and THREE," I guess we are a lot tougher today. Also, we have seen the hand of the Lord deliver us from the lion's den and the fiery furnace many, many more times! How about you? I believe we all, the Body of Christ, are getting tougher! Praise the Lord! Today, with 2,201 stations ON THE AIR, we have become a formidable force against satan's kingdom -- to God be all the glory!

[PICTURE CAPTION: A TV station for TONGA, located in the South Pacific, is now under construction. Many precious Tongan people are volunteers, helping to build "their station." This picture was taken as they began to prepare the site where the new station will be built.]

So will TONGA have TBN? Oh, yes! A new agreement is signed -- a much better one, may I add. And the GOOD NEWS I bring today -- TBN TONGA is under construction and is scheduled to be ON THE AIR April 1st -- and that's no "April Fool's" joke! And now, we can feed it LIVE to our South Pacific satellite from California! Praise the Lord!

Ah, dear Partners, God has done it again! Victory from the jaws of defeat! Do I have a witness? If not, hold on -- your victory is coming -- yes, child of God, JOY comes in the morning!

Dear Partners, as I have said many times, the open doors and Macedonian Calls are coming so fast it takes our breath away! Surely this is HARVEST TIME!

[PICTURE CAPTION: When we visited the beautiful land of EGYPT, what a JOY it was to see all those satellite dishes! "Hotbird 5" now covers North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and parts of Asia and Russia ­ a flood of E-mail messages is coming to us from all over the world. Please PRAY and support YOUR TBN as God opens new doors for the Gospel!]

A delegation has come from the absolute opposite side of the world -- TANZANIA! As I have also said, there are not enough years in my lifetime to get a TV station in every nation, so God is doing two major things: Giving us powerful satellites -- 15 of them that cover the whole world; and sending men of God with TV licenses in their hands, saying "Help us build them!" Praise God, our Kenya station manager is already working with our new partners in the East African nation of Tanzania, and the station located in the capital city, Dar es Salaam, will be on the air this year. Also, another delegation came from another area of Tanzania, offering property and assistance to cover the rest of the nation! Praise the Lord!

[PICTURE CAPTION: TBN is assisting Yomi & Dolapo Davis, a precious couple from NIGERIA, that God is using to raise up a Christian TV station in the city of Ibadan, a major city in Nigeria. This is just one of the many "Macedonian Calls" coming in to your TBN!]

Time and space do not permit me to tell of NIGERIA, where TBN is already on the air in the city of IBADAN, or of the call Benny Hinn brought to us from CAIRO, EGYPT! Dear Partners, a blind man would have to SEE IT! IT IS HARVEST TIME!

Please let Jan and me hear from you. Please be faithful with your love gifts and Praise-A-Thon pledges. Whether or not we answer these calls is up to you and me! We love you more and more as we approach the finish line! As a TBN family, we have been through hell and high water, TOGETHER! Let's not give up now -- let's not even slacken our pace. Let's hit the finish tape in VICTORY!

Thank you for your prayers and support -- we will lift YOU in prayer every day. Come on, EVERYBODY, let's--








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