Paul & Jan visited the beautiful land of Egypt, and discovered that virtually every apartment building in Cairo is covered with satellite dishes!

"Send us around the world with the news of your saving power
and your eternal plan for all mankind."
Psalms 67:2 TLB

On our recent visit to EGYPT, we witnessed the fulfillment of God's awesome plan before our eyes! Virtually every apartment building was COVERED with satellite dishes! But we shall never forget the price that many missionaries have paid and the precious SEED that has been sown for this miracle! In 1910, Paul's grandmother sold the family farm to finance the first Crouch family missionary journey to Egypt. Later, Paul's parents returned, bringing their children, including young Paul at age two. Paul's own father labored till his health broke -- and satan nearly took the life of little Paul with a deadly illness. Paul's brother Philip and sister-in-law Hazel spent 20 years in Egypt as missionaries. NOW, TBN Partners, YOU have the privilege of being missionaries too, by simply supporting and sending this great VOICE called TBN to the whole wide WORLD!