NEVIS -- TBN's first International TV station -- is still ON THE AIR! Help Your TBN keep going and GROWING till Jesus comes!

The beautiful island nation of NEVIS is the home of TBN's
first international TV station. We had the JOY of meeting the
First Lady of Nevis on our stop-over at the Nevis station!

TBN's FIRST foreign TV station in NEVIS is STILL ON THE AIR, reaching the islands of the sea in the Caribbean. What a warm reception they gave us on our visit! We were honored to meet the First Lady of Nevis [pictured 2nd from left] who came to welcome us. Since Nevis signed on the air, YOUR TBN has added 1,927 MORE foreign stations around the world, yet there are still MANY MORE opportunities before us TODAY to send this Gospel to the ends of the earth! Letters and e-mail messages of lives touched (as you will see in the next little article!) are coming to us daily from around the world. MILLIONS are watching TBN via SATELLITE or the Internet, in countries where there is no TV or cable station. YOUR TBN is on 2,348 stations worldwide in 69 NATIONS. PLEDGE TODAY for TBN around the WORLD!