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"Nations that you know not, and do not know you shall run to you because of the Lord your God." (Isaiah 55:5 Amp.) This picture was taken at the dedication of YOUR TBN station in the located in Nairobi, in the beautiful nation of KENYA, East Africa.

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E-mail messages:

I am from Iraq. I am a teacher in secondary school. I live in LIBYA now. I am very fond of following the programmes of TBN Europe.

Thank you for bringing me back to Jesus Christ. I am Hindu by birth and I thought that Christianity was a fraud like the other belief systems. Having witnessed the powerful messages on TBN for the last couple of months, I was able to watch Jan Crouch giving her own healing experience of recovery and I felt healed by her witness! Today I watched the movie of "Matthew the Gospel" for the second time--it is such an inspiration! I was moved to the core of my being. I certainly had the wrong image of Christ previously. May I plead and ask if this (and other TBN MOVIES) could be translated or subtitled and played to the non-English viewers around the world.

E-MAIL FROM EGYPT: We watch you here in Egypt. We are very glad to have you in our home and to pray with you. We learned a lot from your programs and we feel that we grow in faith every time we watch you. If you can send me any readings to help developing our life with Jesus, we will be very delighted. My children are asking you to pray to God to help them with their study. Thank you.

E-MAIL INDIA: I am a Hindu by religion. Kindly tell me about salvation and how do I enter in it as I need Lord Jesus in my life. As I am an Indian and a believer in Hinduism right from my childhood, I am into idol worship. How can I leave my god as this is really impossible from my side because I really believe in it? Please help me out as I really need to know what is the best thing for me. Kindly help me out as I am in real distress. Expecting a speedy reply from your desks as this soul really needs His help.

I just found out about your web page and about your wonderfull worldwide television program TBN, and I am deeply moved in my heart. I prayed the Prayer of Salvation with all my heart, which you have published on your website. I would love to receive some more literature to bring me into a deeper personal relationship with our wonderful LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. I am so gratefull for the great encouragement and blessing which is flowing out of all of your programms!

I'm not a Christian. I've been a viewer of your channel for sometime now and really am thinking again about my religion. I'm so impressed about the way you pray and ask for things from your Lord and most impressed about Jesus as our Savior. Anyway, could you help me to find the way to Jesus or in other words join Christianity?

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