TBN multiplies the outreach
of many wonderful ministries!

As you keep YOUR TBN strong, wonderful ministries like
"700 CLUB" with PAT ROBERTSON can go farther and win more SOULS!

YES, TBN GIVES TOO! What a JOY to meet our friend, PAT ROBERTSON, at the presidential inauguration! 700 CLUB purchases airtime on TBN to reach the world, and to bless us all! For about the same cost of airing on ONLY ONE secular TV station in a large city, these programs are aired on our stations in America (including cable); and on many of our foreign stations and affiliates; shortwave radio; and worldwide on the Internet! TBN multiplies the OUTREACH of MANY wonderful ministries including...Benny Hinn; Bishop T.D. Jakes; R.W. Schambach; Rod Parsley; Bishop Charles Blake; Dr. James Kennedy; Jesse Duplantis; Creflo Dollar; Kenneth Copeland; Marilyn Hickey; Dr. Robert Schuller; Dr. Reginald Cherry; and MORE. KEEP TBN STRONG and these ministries can GO FARTHER and WIN MORE SOULS!