All ages--even the little ones--are watching TBN!

"Jesus called the children over to Him and said to the disciples, 'Let the little children come to me! Never send them away! For the Kingdom of God belongs to men who have hearts as trusting as these little children's.'" Luke 18:16 TLB

The GOOD NEWS of JESUS is being preached in ALL the WORLD: From the REVIVAL crusades in great church auditoriums -- to outdoor pavilions, where MILLIONS gather from miles around, as they did in KENYA last year -- to Cyberspace on the world wide web -- and , of course, 24 hours a day direct to YOUR LIVING ROOM! LIVES are SAVED, the sick are HEALED, JESUS is lifted up and little ones like JEFF are touched by God's LOVE! Jeff was only 10-months old when his mommy took this picture while he was watching "BABUSHKA" tell a Bible story. He may have been too young to understand all the words then -- but that precious seed was planted in this little one's heart, as mommy LeAnne Masters of Omaha, Nebraska can testify!