All ages--even the little ones--are watching TBN!

"Preach Good News to the poor and that God is ready to give blessings to all who come to him." Luke 4:19 TLB

Jan's ministry to the children was born on her first visit to Haiti, when she brought that first box of TOYS to give to the children! The JOY your gift of a doll or a truck brings to these precious children has opened many hearts to the Gospel, and has opened doors to NATIONS for Christian television too!

On their first visit to Haiti, just as Jan had given out the last doll, here came "little Sarah," running down the hill. For a moment, Sarah tried to be strong--but then collapsed at Jan's feet. The disappointment was too much for this little one to bear! Jan promised to bring 10,000 dolls on her next visit! Missionary Gladys Fourcand [pictured right] said little Sarah "counted the sleeps" till Jan came again! TBN Partners sent in thousands of toys! This picture was taken on Jan's return visit to Haiti when she had the JOY of finally giving little Sarah (and many, many MORE children) a precious DOLL, (or a truck for the boys). Of course, each one had a picture of Jesus with the children and a simple Gospel message printed in French Creole, the langufage spoken in Haiti.

Jan invites you to pick out a special Barbie®-size doll or a small toy truck, PRAY over the toy, and send the TOY(S) to: TBN, P.O. BOX A, SANTA ANA, CA 92711 or bring them to your local TBN station for the children of the world!