TWO MORE SATELLITES signed ON THE AIR to carry the Good News of Jesus Christ -- including one for the Chinese language!



[PICTURE CAPTION: As of last Praise-A-Thon, YOUR TBN is on SEVENTEEN SATELLITES -- "carrying the everlasting Good News to preach toevery nation!"]

"In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost--ON THE AIR!" And with the Hallelujah Chorus, mingled with the shouts and praises of God's people, we dedicated TWO MORE SATELLITES into service last April, during Spring Praise-A-Thon!

Eurobird (Astra) will cover Europe with the new digital technology, and Agila II will cover Asia and the northern Pacific region with a secondary service. JC Sat also covers Asia, but is programmed more and more with foreign languages for specific nations like India and soon -- CHINA! Praise the Lord! I know that all of this gets very technical and I can see eyes glazing over with Hot Bird, EchoStar, Intelsat 804, PanAmSat 9, and on and on, so, at the end of this letter, I am giving you a list of ALL 17 SATELLITES with their popular names so that you can help us spread the word around the world that TBN IS ON THE AIR! Yes, "HELLO WORLD," indeed!

Many of you dear Partners have friends, relatives, and loved ones in foreign nations. Write them, call them, e-mail them that TBN is on satellite. In many cases, a trip to the satellite shop is as simple as buying a TV set. And in places like Europe, satellite reception is more popular than the regular TV station. So GO FOR IT! Help us GIVE THE WINDS A MIGHTY VOICE--Jesus saves, Jesus heals, Jesus is coming again!

I will never forget the day the postman delivered my first ham radio license. I was 15 years old and had been captivated by Lawrence Bakewell's shortwave radio station. He was my piano teacher's husband. Hazel gave up on my piano future (thank God) and turned me over to Lawrence. I would sit for hours in his basement talking to fellow "Hams," all over the world. I remember distinctly one evening watching the glow of the high voltage mercury vapor tubes flickering with the modulation of my voice and thinking, "My voice is flashing off that wire antenna into thin air, and this guy in Australia CAN HEAR ME!" It didn't take me long to 'spit and solder' a little station of my own together, and after many blown fuses, I, too, was on the air with WØAVQ from Springfield, Missouri! Somehow I knew in my spirit that this miracle of electromagnetic waves through thin air would someday be used to reach the world with the Gospel. Not long ago, Jan dug up an old term paper I had written in high school. In it, I extolled the miraculous technology that could send the human voice -- LIVE, around the world. I told my teacher that I would use it someday to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ to the nations. Television was another story, yet to be told.

[PICTURE CAPTION: With 50 WHOLE WATTS, we signed KCBI ON THE AIR, and declared: "HELLO WORLD!" That fledgling radio station we built only covered the campus of Central Bible College, in Springfield, Missouri! Now, nearly 50 years later, as we say, "HELLO WORLD!," the WORLD CAN WATCH and HEAR the Gospel we joyfully proclaim!]

When I entered Bible school in 1952, I convinced the board to let me form a "Ham" or "Amateur Radio Club" on campus. With a beam antenna on top of the water tower, we talked to and received reports from missionaries in several nations of the world. It was great fun and we learned a lot from various experiments.

But the project that became a blessed "SEED" and also became a word of PROPHECY was the night we signed on the first radio station to the campus. Our club worked for weeks, scrounging up the tubes, coils, wires and condensers. Again, after several blown fuses and a small fire -- THE THING WORKED! Fifty whole watts of power -- it covered both the girls' and boys' dormitories! We spread the word --"TONIGHT, we begin!"

Yes, that night, with the national anthem and with all the pomp and circumstance of NBC, we signed her ON THE AIR with, you guessed it --"HELLO WORLD!" We have laughed many times through the years as I have recounted the story of our little 50-watt radio station on the campus of Central Bible College. What could God do with something so tiny and insignificant? But in later years, I have come to understand that those two words were a seed -- a word of prophecy. Yes, nearly 50 years later, our God decided IT WAS TIME! "From little acorns, mighty OAKS do grow!" And God said, "Despise not the day of small beginnings!"

Yes, HELLO WORLD, indeed, has become a virtual reality. With calls, letters and E-mails pouring in from around the world, many are asking questions about our Christian faith, like this one from "S.T.":

"I write this letter from Iran. I am Iranian and my religion is Islamic (Shia.). I hope you would help me...I want to change my religion to Christian. I don't know how I can do it, so please guide me. How can I change my religion?"

Ah, dear Partners, questions like this and testimonies of actual conversions are pouring in from around the world! Truly, IT IS HARVEST TIME! Together, we are walking the length and breadth of this world, gathering the golden grain of SOULS! God's promise to us is:


[PICTURE CAPTION: "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Ghost," I signed the contract for the SEVENTEENTH SATELLITE -- Agila II over ASIA and the Philippines!]

Isn't it interesting that the area that each satellite touches is called "THE FOOTPRINT"?! Praise God -- our footprints, now, touch the whole wide world! Dear Partners, say it with me: "WE CLAIM THIS WHOLE WORLD for Jesus Christ!"

Thank you for making our April Praise-A-Thon, the greatest in our 28 years of service! There are no words for Jan and me to express our love and appreciation. Because of your faithfulness, we are literally fulfilling Bible prophecy. Jesus said it:


Yes, that was Jesus' FINAL SIGN -- "...Gospel, preached to ALL NATIONS." Praise the Lord -- His coming is near! We cannot slacken our pace -- let's hit the finish line in VICTORY!

Please write or e-mail us -- let us know of your miracles and answers to prayer. Many are coming out of debt -- many are receiving their miracles of healing, miracles of saved loved ones, and miracles of finances. If you have not received your miracle yet -- HOLD ON -- your TBN family is standing in agreement with you!

Your calls and letters of encouragement mean everything to Jan and me -- we love you!

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