Because of SATELLITE,
testimonies like these come in daily

This picture was taken at BENNY HINN's great crusade in KENYA...imagine the MULTITUDES tuning in to TBN VIA THE INTERNET around the WORLD!

E-mail messages:

You are fantastic! Praise the Lord for such an amazing channel! I love you!

I THANK GOD for this channel. I have installed MY SATELLITE a few days ago, because there is not any Christian channel among my cable TV channels. Thank you for your great service!

E-MAIL FROM NIGERIA: TBN has been a blessing in my LIFE. My spiritual life has changed and I am growing. Please send me some literature on faith, giving, the Holy Spirit, how to administer salvation, and finally how to spread the Word of God here in Nigeria. I really desire to make a pledge to your ministry and want to know how best to send it.

E-MAIL FROM ITALY: Praise The Lord blessed me greatly this night, that I will not go to sleep until I send this email. May God continue to strengthen all of you in Jesus name. I have many friends who are unbelievers. Continue with the great work that you are doing.

E-MAIL FROM UGANDA: Praise God! Am so excited to be sending this message of appreciation for the work you do for the Lord. It has been my pleasure to watch your broadcast. I beg if you can to extend this even to RWANDA for they also need your kind of ministry.

E-MAIL FROM NORWAY: This channel is just great! The best! My family has been viewing TBNE for nearly one year. Greetings from Norway.

E-MAIL FROM JORDAN: Since we are in the Middle East, I think it is so nice to watch such good program that we can understand. I do love this channel but it would be great if all the programs have been translated into ARABIC language. I thank you very much. Helpful to all peoples in the Middle East to understand you... I do THANK YOU SO MUCH for your big help. May our Lord Jesus bless you all...Amen.

E-MAIL FROM KUWAIT: TBN has helped me from my depression. TBN has made it possible for me to know God as my Father. I want to thank Paul and Jan Crouch for the wonderful thing they are doing. I am being blessed immensely. ...I love you.