Jan gave out toys (sent in by TBN Partners) at the children's hospital in Tonga.
The message of Jesus is attached to every toy!

"Let your light shine for all the nations to see!"
Isaiah 61:1 TLB


"...God will wipe their tears away"
Revelation 7:17 TLB

While in TONGA, we visited a children's hospital, and it was my joy to give out the dolls and trucks many of you precious ones had sent in! Each toy we give has a tag with a picture and message of Jesus attached. We tell them the toys were each bought by Christians in America who love Jesus, and who are praying for them! In SAMOA, a group of precious handicapped children came to the station and sang to us, and we gave out the toys! Even our cameraman, Danny York, couldn't help but shed a few tears!

We do this in Jesus' name all year around -- so next time you are in a store, please pick out a little Barbie-sized doll for a girl; or "anything with wheels" (it's best to avoid the military-kind), about 4 or 5 inch-size for a boy. I love you! --Jan