U.S. Attorney General JOHN ASHCROFT
greeted Paul Crouch, who attended the same church as boys in Springfield, Missouri!

"In faithfulness He wil bring forth justice; He will not falter..."
Isaiah 42:3

When I greeted ATTORNEY GENERAL JOHN ASHCROFT, it was not our first meeting, but a bit of a reunion! In fact, the first time we met, we were boys growing up in Springfield, Missouri, attending the same church! Pray for John, and pray for our PRESIDENT every day! As Christians and citizens we know we should BE a blessing, but for years our hands have been tied, because of misinformation on "separation of church and state" (read the Constitution; you won't find it there). The voices of Christians should not be muzzled, as Dr. James Kennedy warned us recently. Now, Christians finally have an opportunity to BLESS Ameirca! Let's do all you can to let our light shine!