Paul Crouch Jr. showing Dad and TV viewers how to use TBN's Web site!

"A NET cast into the catch every kind of fish..."
Isaiah 42:3! Paul Crouch, Jr. gave Dad and viewers a quick demonstration on using the TBN Web site [] to watch TBN "LIVE" via the Internet -- what an awesome, strategic TOOL for the Gospel! TBN is also carried on a total of 18 SATELLITES! The newest satellite is "SKY ANGEL," an American DBS service with all-Christian programming that carries TBN, from our affiliate, Ch. 55 in Orlando! With 18 satellite transponders flying in midheaven, and the Internet circuit girding the earth, YOUR TBN -- this Mighty Voice -- carries the Good News EVERYWHERE, and now this VOICE is beginning to speak the Gospel in other tongues! Dear Arab viewers, REJOICE! Benny Hinn's brother, Willie Hinn, will co-host a new, Arab-language, TBN program to air on Hot Bird 5. Get ready to shout -- the FORMER prince and power of the air (the devil) no longer controls the airwaves -- ANYWHERE!