"And they gathered all the armies of the world near a place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon--the Mountain of MEGIDDO."

Revelation 16:16 TLB

The countdown has begun to the world premiere of MEGIDDO on September 21st, 2001! GIL COLIN, one of the fine actors in the film, plays the part of "Col. Rick Howard." This film -- the best yet for TBN -- is a first class, action-packed thriller that will keep you glued to the seat till the very end, with incredible special effects! Seeing prophecy unfold in vivid detail, and realizing the Bible's startling accuracy, is part of the POWER of this film. Most importantly, it's "wrapped in a package" the world will want to receive! This month of JULY, Paul Crouch, Sr. and Matt Crouch are going to 20 cities from coast to coast to present a 20-minute preview of Megiddo. We especially invite PASTORS and YOUTH LEADERS to attend the presentation -- so you can be confident (and enthusiastic) in encouraging your church to use Megiddo as a citywide evangelistic tool! Watch TBN, and be sure to check the Web site ( for the latest updates on Megiddo! On Sept. 21st, we will host the world premiere of Megiddo from THREE CITIES: Los Angeles, Rome, and Jerusalem! We hope many of YOU, our TBN Partners, can go with us to the premiere in JERUSALEM -- a highlight of TBN's Tour to Israel this year. Limited space on the tour is available. To receive a brochure, be sure to write or E-MAIL TBN right away!